About Transmission Lost

Transmission Lost was a comic strip broadcasting from the pages of the College Times. Join our podcast’s morning (and noon… and evening… we’re running a two-man show here) host Tom Stefari, also known as the Dead Air DJ, as he riffs his way through music reviews, local events, college drama and most of the studio’s secret stash of midnight snacks.  Steve the Intern will be right there with him, filing paperwork, doing some class-A reporting, and desperately trying to keep the fridge stocked and the electric bills paid.


fb cover 3

Zoe Sugg is the cartoonist behind the strip. She enjoys political humor, coffee and long walks on the beach. Zoe currently writes and draws Transmission Lost, as well as her other original series, Hired Guns. She also works as a Retail Monkey behind the counter at Critical Threat Comics and Games, and reviews comics over at ComicsPRSS.com


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