Summer is Here!

TL 5-7

Annnnd done! I took a few days off after graduation, just for mental health’s sake, and the College Times takes a break as long as the kids aren’t in school. See y’all in August!


We Miss You, Flogging Molly

TL 3-5

So the City of Tempe’s contract finally expired, and a decade of Flogging Molly performances on St. Patty’s Day has come to an end. The local radio shows are throwing a music festival in the wake of our usual tradition, but I’m personally pretty bummed about the whole thing.

Go Ahead, Make ‘Em Angry

TL 1-22

This dumb strip is actually pretty close to my heart… It was written the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. It really reminded me why I do some of this stuff- good humor always has to take a risk, and sometimes that risk is… terrifyingly high. But then, maybe that’s how you know you’re doing it right.
However, being the sociologist/person-on-tumblr that I am, I also found a few articles that point out the ways Hebdo satirized not only the terrorists, but their entire religion as well. Which is why this strip is so vague.