Meet the Crew

Tom Stefari:

Tom Headshot

Tom Stefari. Hot-headed, stylish and high off his rocker during most of his broadcasts, this radio host’s charisma is matched only by his laziness. The kid rarely leaves the news desk, but his web of social networking sites keeps him apprised of the happenings down at the University. Tom has taken on everyone from the school board to the Senate, and his nose for trouble is exactly why he went rogue after he was asked to leave his career in school-sponsored media.

Steve the Intern:

Steve Headshot

Steve “The Intern” Moralez really didn’t know what he was getting into when he took a job as the station’s unpaid intern. This poor journalist major spends his days gaining “experience” by running Tom’s errands, getting coffee, paying the bills and even, occasionally, doing some reporting.  He harbors some suspicions about his internship, seeing as how the only proof he’s ever seen of an official school accreditation from the station was an “IOU” which Tom scribbled out onto a napkin, and then faxed over to the Cronkite School’s advising office along with a photocopy of his ass. Steve’s radar for scandal might be a little out of tune, but his love of the job is enough to keep him on the staff til graduation.


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