Go Ahead, Make ‘Em Angry

TL 1-22

This dumb strip is actually pretty close to my heart… It was written the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. It really reminded me why I do some of this stuff- good humor always has to take a risk, and sometimes that risk is… terrifyingly high. But then, maybe that’s how you know¬†you’re doing it right.
However, being the sociologist/person-on-tumblr that I am, I also found a few articles that point out the ways Hebdo satirized not only the terrorists, but their entire religion as well. Which is why this strip is so vague.


Double-Pumpkin Porter Day

TL 11-6-14


If you do not live in Arizona then you are probably not aware of the glory that is Four Peaks Brewing Co. I’m sorry your life is so sad. They make this pumpkin porter stuff, and on Double-Pumpkin Porter Day they pour in ALL the extra syrup into the remaining few batches. It’s…. godly. To say the least.