New Year’s Resolutions

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Maybe There’s Hope for the Hopeful Musician After All

To all our starving musician friends out at ASU tonight, just remember that the dear old University turned out both Mr Roger Clyne and his drumer, Paul Naffah. Keep rockin’ and fallin’ in love, my friends.

First Comic Debuts!

Transmission Lost 3-4-14 sub 1

Hello, hello, ladies and germs! Our first strip debuted on the 13th over at the College Times! We couldn’t ask for a better first issue, it’s chock-full of events and Flogging Molly coverage, not to mention Tom’s struggles with the bills!

(Author’s Note: Speaking of Flogging Molly, I actually made it down to the show this St. Patty’s day! It was a great end to a wonderful ten years of touring, and the crowd was surprisingly considerate for a buncha drunken hooligans! It was by far the best pit I’ve ever been in, everyone picked each other up and sang along to every song.)