Moonshine, Drain Cleaner… Who can tell really?

TL 5-22-14


I had moonshine at my friend’s place the other day and holy CRAP was that ever a mistake. Of course, so is drinking almost any alcohol straight… I am a mixed drink sorta gal. While I was writing this strip I did come across a few yummy recipes with moonshine that sounded pretty good. One has “…Fireball Cinnamon whiskey, iced tea, lemon juice and a rim of cinnamon sugar.” Yum!


Transmission Lost sub 2

Another two weeks has gone by and we’re still going strong! Poor Steve is dealing with a spot of drunken trouble this week…


In other news, the new issue of College Times really hits home for us. The main article written by Christina Caldwell talks about the Millennial generation and our difficulty with job hunts. This cartoonist luckily has another year to putz around down at ASU, but thinking about the future is more than a little daunting. Now, I’ve been preparing myself for the post-grad slums for four years. I am an art major, after all. However, it’s a little depressing to see that my friends earning degrees in the areas of economics and engineering are just as doomed for underemployment as I am…

On the other hand, this sort of stalemate is what helps make this job market exciting, no? Our generation is responsible to create and forge whole new jobs and methods of finding them. Here’s hoping we actually do.