We Miss You, Flogging Molly

TL 3-5

So the City of Tempe’s contract finally expired, and a decade of Flogging Molly performances on St. Patty’s Day has come to an end. The local radio shows are throwing a music festival in the wake of our usual tradition, but I’m personally pretty bummed about the whole thing.


Open Mic Night

TL 7-10-14


This was done for the folks over at Casa on Mill Avenue. I honestly really enjoy open mic nights because of the huge variety of music… Even when sometimes people’s tastes vary from your own, it’s still really cool to see everyone in the local scene!


For $5 That Had Better Be a Fucking Good Concert…



What with the start of Coachella this weekend, I thought this joke would be appropriate. My apologies for the crappy coloring in my print edition of the College Tines, I gradient-ed too hard. Also, I do hope this strip is somewhat funny for people who haven’t seen Pulp Fiction. This post is fraught with references.