Finals Stress and Bad Eyesight

TL 5-8-14

Ah finals… I resorted to posting a picture of a hipster corgi on my friend’s wall with the caption, “If school’s been getting you down, maybe Mr Corgi can help!” Finals do terrible things to people’s psyches…

It was THIS corgi as a matter of fact:

Lookit how cute he iiiiis! ❤


And for one final comic dump, I found this little gem when I searched for “corgi with glasses.” Not sure how a corgi factors in here but this is DEFINITELY how I feel when I get new lenses.

Originally by TJ and Amal cartoonist EK- click!


Extra Comics- Happy April Fools!

Xtra comix- April Fools 2

Just a little something I doodled up in Bio class (text added digitally). Didn’t have time to flesh this little guy out since the paper is getting published like a week after April 1st! But I liked the concept enough to throw him up on the blog 🙂 Tune in next week for Coachella and Pulp Fiction fun times!